The Effects Of Music On The Brain

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Music is found in every known culture, past and present, varying widely between times and places. Music has existed since the beginning of time and has continued to evolve into what everyone is familiar with today. Although different people are more familiar with different styles of music, it still helps if they can understand it. As students all over the world are preparing for the real world, they will need to become musically educated if they want to become more successful in life. First, people need to know what music education is and what it can do. They should know that it could help people with disabilities learn social skills, it helps improve primary functions of the brain, and that social media can be used to show progress with …show more content…
A musician 's brain is better than that of an average person. Music enhances multiple areas of the brain, both physically and mentally. Studies show that “participants classified as musicians… have heightened capacities in multiple areas of the brain, including memory, language acquisition and syntax, executive function and brain plasticity” (Collins 1). Music can enhance a person’s memory, ability to learn a new language and the basic function of the brain. Music can have a positive effect on the brain, but what effect can learning from social media have on the brain? Social media can be a good learning tool. It can help people connect with teachers and mentors to help them learn something they didn’t understand previously. In fact, people have heard that “reciprocal positive interactions within the online communities… have resulted in positive music learning experiences, improved confidence, and strengthened self-concepts as musicians” (Albert 2). This is proof that social media can be used to educate people and make them more confident. Music can make people more confident, but it can also be used to improve a person’s performance in different sporting events. Music can be heard before any sporting event, from Junior Varsity High School events to professional sporting events all over the world. It can be used to help athletes warm-up and cool down. In fact, “the effects of music have been studied with considerable interest in many fields, especially sport and exercise” (Barney 1). This demonstrates that music can affect a person’s performance in every sporting event. Some claim that music harms the brain and can distract someone from the task at hand. Music can enhance many parts of the brain and helps people focus on certain tasks when necessary. Music affects multiple

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