How Can Music Affect Your Life

Albert Einstein once said, "Life without playing music is inconceivable... I get most joy in life out of music." Music has been known to bring people joy, but can it bring people success? Music had been a constant in today’s society, whether it be through a computer, mp3, phone, or on the radio. Music is heard all throughout the world, and what is not known about it, is that it can enhance ones athletic ability. Music impacts athletic preparation and performance in five ways: dissociation, arousal regulation, synchronization, acquisition of motor skills, and attainment of flow. ( Acquisition of motor skill is where athleticism all begins. These motor skills include reflexive, rudimentary, fundamental, and specialized movement.( Reflexive, rudimentary, and fundamental movement all becomes developed by the age of 7. This ranges from basic reflexes to jumping and skipping. In basic music class in elementary school the music allowed kids to improve coordination. Especially when instruments were implemented, whether is be recorder of any orchestral instrument, reading notes and learning rhythm and timing allows kids to improve their coordination. Hand-Eye …show more content…
Flow is the ability to reach the highest natural potential. Music has shown to allow an athlete to reach his or her athletes highest natural ability. In 2003, Pates, Karageorghis, Fryer, and Maynard(, studied netball ( players’ flow state with the use of music before their practice. During the practice two players said that they felt an increase in flow but after, all three showed a substantial upgrade in their

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