Argumentative Essay On Mental Illness

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Mental illness can be a wretched biochemical disease, in which no individual or family is immune from the roller coaster effects. Mental illness affects the individual and the people in their lives. With the knowledge we have gained in the medical and psychology realm, we now know the disease can be genetic and sparked by environmental factors. As we begin to understand the brain and develop our knowledge, the mysteries of mental illness are unfolding.
Although facilities were constructed to support the mentally ill and good intentions were intended, some of our inflicted suffered enormously. Prior to 1975, numerous individuals with severe mental illness have been treated with a callous and heartless approach. The disregard for human life and lack of respect for children, adults, and elderly brought a state of shame to the American society. An appalling case of mistreatment of the mentally ill is Willowbrook State School on Staten Island, NY. In 1965, Robert F. Kennedy toured the Willowbrook State School; he was sickened and
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To replace the institutions, care facilities and community treatment programs were established. Over the past 40 years, community based health has been more effective than state institutions. On the other side, the cost of mental health has soared beyond the funding that is necessary to service all those in need.
Understanding mental illness and addictions on every level of local and state government can be beneficial for all leaders and their citizens. Everyone knows of a person who suffers with mental illness or addictions. To empower the communities, towns, cities, and state each entity must contribute to the funding of their mental health programs. By doing so, this demonstrates to the commonwealth that their leaders are duty bound with servicing their fellow

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