Argumentative Essay On Heart Disease

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Heart disease is any disorder of the heart, it is just used as a general term relating to heart problems. There are a variety of diseases like Arrhythmia , Angina, heart failure,cardiac disease, myocardial infarction and many more. For all of these lethal problems there are a variety of causes in which the patient obtained or had. Even though all of these problems can be avoided or suppressed and even cured just by meditating. Its even might be better than taking antibiotic pills that a doctor prescribed you and having to take them on a regular basis. In the long run It would just be better to go to a meditation class or even attempt it by yourself. In the medical field doctors have found out that if u have heart disease or are vulnerable of becoming a patient that can obtain it, doctors will send you to a meditation class, or will tell you to attempt meditating. Based on the facts that meditating lowers the stress levels, and it reduces the blood pressure in the body. According to new research done by Dr Herbert Benson and Dr Sarah Lazar from the American Mind and Body Medical Institute in Boston. Used new technology known as FMRI which stands for functional magnetic resonance imaging. Which was used to measure the brain activity in patients during meditation. They measured the blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and metabolism of …show more content…
This is a big lie because how can you make time for other things and not take care of you won body. Thats why if people really want to experience this they need to make a big effort to find time in their busy schedule and try to meditate. Just simply by meditating for 30 minutes a day can make a major decrease in stress. Now by doing this a few times out of the week will help make a dramatic improvement to the subjects health. People May even find this therapeutic and they will probably keep practicing the exercise over and over

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