Argumentative Essay On Hate Crime

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Hate crime or bias crime has been of the biggest issue in our society. At the beginning of 17th century and 18th century, the United States brought Africans to use as slave. These people were considerate less than a person only because their color of their skins. For decades African Americans slaves were exploited and humiliated by their owners. They were considered as a property and didn’t have any right. For African Americans be considered as an equal of White Americans take a lot of time. On January 1, 1863 African Americans’ slave were declared free by Abraham Lincoln, but they still were discriminated and didn’t have all the rights as citizens of the United States. People continues discriminated and putting them separated from the rest of the citizens. Today in our society, hate crime or bias crime still affect our minorities groups such as African American, Hispanic or Latinos. According to the Hate Crime Statistic Act of 1990, “The term hate crime has become part of our everyday language and is commonly understood as a criminal offense that is committed against …show more content…
According to hate crime as a crime category worthy of police attention, “ The argument is that crimes are already punishable by law, and creating a separate category of crime based on those motivated by bigotry is unnecessary and pits people against each other in a hierarchy of which crimes are taken seriously.” (Cogan, 177) People that support Hate Crime Statistic Act believes that have to be punish hard than other crimes because physical and emotional injured that let to the victims. One impact the community, “Hate crimes are damaging not only to the victim but also the community at large. Hate crimes are message crimes in that the perpetrator is sending a message to members of a certain group that they are despised, devalued, or unwelcome in a particul neighborhood, community, school, or workplace.” (Cogan, 178) Second, impact the individual.

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