Argumentative Essay On Fahrenheit 9/11

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Fahrenheit 9/11, a documentary directed by Michael Moore, is a political film about the war on terror and the reasons behind the U.S.A’s military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. The film opens with the 2000 U.S. presidential election, questioning the legitimacy of George W. Bush’s win in Florida against Al Gore. Gore is the frontrunner until Fox News predicts Bush as the winner, causing all other networks to retract their previous statements about Gore and agree with Fox News. It is then revealed the man responsible for calling Fox News’ predictions about the winner is the first cousin of Bush. Moore also suggests fraud was committed as Bush won in Florida by a slight percentage – a state of which his brother is governor of, and the woman …show more content…
Moore’s claim that the war on terror was started purely to benefit Bush’s friends and sponsors is simply untrue. Based on my research, there were a variety of reasons for the war. While Hussein didn’t have any known direct links to Al-Qaeda, he did support various other terrorist groups (Heinrich). Though Al-Qaeda was the main focus, the war on terror targeted all terrorist groups (Heinrich). Thus, attacking Iraq was a reasonable option for the U.S. Furthermore, Iraq and the U.S. have had a history of conflict since the Gulf War and Hussein was always a U.S. enemy (Heinrich). The U.S. also intended to bring democracy to Iraq by stopping Hussein’s dictatorship (Heinrich). Therefore, there were many different factors involved in the cause of the Iraq War. To blame it all on the influence of corporations is unjust and untrue. In addition to that, one of the main points in the film is that Bush allows a plane of members of the bin Laden family to be flown out of the country shortly after 9/11, with no questioning done of the family. In fact, Richard Clarke - the National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counter-terrorism at the time - took full responsibility for that decision (Jones, Hitchens and Monbiot). However, this was not at all mentioned in the film, leaving the assumption that it was Bush’s own decision to do that because of his business relationship with the bin Laden family. Other than that, I found most of the references in the film to be factually

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