Drugs In Sports Essay

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Drugs has been used in medical field to cure, diagnose, treat and prevent disease but athletes should be alert because certain drugs or performance - enhancing drugs (PED) may contains an illegal substance that had been ban by World-Anti Doping Agency (WADA). Pressure faced by the athletes to perform better than others lead them to use drugs in order to enhance their performance. WADA had published an annual List of Prohibited Substance and Method (list) including the substances and methods prohibited in-andout-of-competition, and in particular sports.[1] It depends on the purpose of athletes in taking drugs, usually athletes takes anabolic steroid to enhance their performance. Sometimes, athletes did not realise that they taking illegal substance include in dietary supplements and a variety of compounds that are available at grocery and health food stores and online. Not all drugs prohibit by WADA is illegal in law. Several drugs can be used for cure, diagnose and treat disease and certain drugs only prohibit during the competition and can …show more content…
One of the advantages is drugs can enhance performance. Drugs acts as stimulanting substants. Drugs also can increase strength and effectiveness of training. They take drugs to alleviate their pain and exhaustion resulting from their sports. When they do not feel any pain they can focus on their trainning to win the competition. Pain or injuries can disturb athletes from perform well in sports. So, they use drugs as an alternative to gain the power and stregth back. All atheletes was forced by their coach to perform well and win the competition. In order to full fill their aim, they forced to used drugs to gain advantages over others atheletes. Taking drugs in sports not only bring harm instead it give benefits to the athletes as drugs can acts as stimulants which can enhance their performnce and increase the strength and effectiveness in their

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