Argumentative Essay On Banning Alcohol

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Josh Thiemann Comm 404 Final Paper

In this paper I will be discussing how banning alcohol advertising is good thing for society and how it relates to the self according to Kenneth Gergen. Gergen lead the way in taking serious the impact of information technology and how it relates to the self and identity. Gergen says “New technologies make it possible to sustain relationships—directly or indirectly—with an ever expanding range of other persons. In many respects we are reaching what may be viewed as social saturation” (Gergen, 1991, p.3.) He argues that these technological developments and the social saturation that they created have a profound impact on our understanding of the self.
Gergen suggests that with the removal of traditional
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It is a very effective way to suck youth into the dangers of underage alcohol consumption. Movie portrayal of a product is a very effective form of advertising. The movie Superbad is a movie about underage age drinking. In a nutshell it is a movie about teenagers drinking lots of alcohol, trying to have sex, and having great adventures with great friends. Sure they have their bad moments but all in all alcohol is glorified in the movie. I am not saying we need to ban movies with alcohol. It is a great movie and it a choice to watch it. What I am getting at is there are other effective forms of advertising to youth about alcohol without having alcohol advertisements during sporting events and other regularly scheduled television …show more content…
However, I do feel that promotion of an inaccurate expectation of alcohol is the wrong thing to promote. I really think that Gergens views and analysis of the self and role of information technology and how communication has changed and created a saturated self that that can take on many different forms of selves. These points he makes really tie into the unhealthy effects of too much alcohol advertising. People take the alcohol advertising and increase it through themselves through their own promotion of alcohol. It is almost like a panacea.
For example, I got a promotion at work. I need to drink and celebrate. I had a rough day. I need to drink to take the edge off. My mother in law is coming over; I will need a few drinks to get through that. My kids are loud; I need to have a drink. People say these things all the time. I am not saying these people are bad or that drinking alcohol is always bad, I am saying that alcohol has a panacea reputation and when you add inaccurate advertising of success and happiness image to it, it can be very dangerous cocktail, especially considering add the portrayal of the self-according to

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