Argumentative Essay About Climate Change

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Climate Change
How much does everyone really know about climate change and Global Warming? Or what it does to planet Earth? Due to climate change the Earth’s temperature has increases rapidly more than ever within the 20th century, the global temperature has increased from 0.6 to 1.0 Celsius (Conserve Energy Future, 2013). Climate change has affected the Earth in tremendous ways such as the changing the amount of gas in the atmosphere, melting polar ice caps, animals becoming extinct, etc. It is building faster and faster but there are ways to help so it does not get any worse. I can help and so can everyone else just by informing and taking action to do your part. There are simple things that everyone can do to contribute to helping planet
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Everyone has their own opinions and that is perfectly reasonable at times. Certain people will object my Plan of Action because things such as global warming and climate change are not believable to them. Some opinions say “Climate’s changed before, Animals and plants can adapt, Sea level rise is exaggerated.” (Dash, 2016). All of these opinions have counter acting evidence that these opinions are not true. These facts talk about what the leading cause of climate change is, how it will be too short of a time span for anyone to adapt, and scientists have been researching this for a long time. There will always be someone who does not think the same way as you or anyone else in the …show more content…
I think that it may not be big enough to actually make a difference to help out with climate change. Maybe I would not be getting my message far enough out there. Maybe some people will not care enough to read about the problem or even care enough because they will think that nothing will happen when they are around. Some people I know do believe that they will not be around when climate change decided to effect the human race if it does, therefore they decide not to care enough to help with the problem. I understand where they are coming from but maybe there is something more that I can do to get awareness out or help more

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