Argumentative Action: My Stand On Affirmative Action

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Register to read the introduction… He goes on in his article to describe a verbal test given to both black and white students measuring ability. The results were dramatically different favoring the white students. His explanation is in matters of race we often assume that when a situation is objectively the same for different groups, it is experienced the same way by each group. This might especially seem true with standardized cognitive testing. However, for black students, difficulty with the test makes the negative stereotype relevant as an interpretation of their performance and of them. They know that right away they are perceived as having limited ability. When groups are not stereotyped the way they do not experience the extra intimidation. Something other than ability was involved and Steele feels it is the negative stereotype …show more content…
Affirmative action today is very different from what it was supposed to be when it was instituted over thirty years ago. In a world, so racially divided affirmative action was to desegregate schools by giving minorities a chance to attend and receive a good education. In this sense, it sounds like a good idea. Giving minorities an opportunity they would not have received under other circumstances, I am all for that. Nevertheless, this is not what it is today. In the article, The Colin Powell Test. Written by Meg Greenfield, she explains what has happened to the dream. She explains, "Roughly three decades of interpretation and subsequent implementation, by no means internally constant, has left the landscape strewn with policy and person decisions taken in the name of "affirmative action" that can be used anecdotally to prove any point you want." Instead of affirmative action being a tool used to give minorities a chance it is something used to fill quotas, to fill a certain amount of seats with a certain mount of minorities. This is so near sided because in its attempt to provide minorities with an education they have not taken into account one huge factor, QUALIFICATIONS. Leave it to our society to make a good idea a bad one. Now a young black student can work his or her butt off in school and do all that they can to make sure they have a chance for a good education, only to be denied

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