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Amanda Guzman
July 23, 2015
EWS 19

President’s Authority The article “Presidential Power” by Christina L. Lyons represents a dispute that Congress is having with President Obama believing that he is overstepping his authority with executive power. To begin with, Republicans are making accusations saying that Obama is accusing Obama for abusing the Constitution and Democrats are defending him by saying he’s taking action because Congress is taking long to respond. Many presidents have overstepped the boundaries of using executive power to accomplish policy goals. But the debate over executive power has been building up over the years and has led a conflict between Republicans and Democrats. Between the Judicial, Legislative and
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(Lyons, 2015, p. 234) Republicans are also trying to block Obama’s action by holding back the money that will fund the executive order, removing the right of illegal immigrants to be granted working permits and other benefits. 26 states have already sued the federal government, arguing that Obama’s executive actions on immigration are unconstitutional and violate “the will of the American people.” House republicans plan to sue Obama’s administration over it’s executive action on immigration. (Lyons, 2015, p. 235) Not only is President Obama taking his own action on I'm migration laws he’s also altering international sanctions. For example, the Cuban Embargo. Republicans took issue with his announcement that he was easing a 54-year-old trade and travel ban to Cuba. (Lyons, 2015, p.223) Last December, a month after announcing his executive action on immigration, Obama secretly authorized a prisoner swap with the Cuban government for two Americans and pledges to ease a 54-year-old trade and travel embargo against the country. (Lyons, 2015, p.232) Republicans believe that we are rewarding the Cuban government for its poor human-right records because the laws that are coming in to place are not longstanding policies that are going to stay for much longer. “Put up or shut up,” was President Obama’s way of telling Congress that he would halt deportation of illegal immigrants. Obama said he had one answer to those in

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