The City Of Philadephia Vs Sugar Analysis

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In the article “The City of Philadephia Versus Sugar”, author Donada Antonia argues that a tax on soda should not be needed. To persuade her audience, Antonia utilizes a contrast between the tax on soda to other taxes on sinful products, the “supposed” benefits of taxes and their lesser-known “buts”, and a personal, while also objective tone, to connect to her audience.
During the start of her article, Antonia presents the soda tax and and its uncanny resemblance to other sin taxes, such as “cigarettes, alcohol, and various other products deemed offensive to public morality or public health.” This allows more readers to find the Philadelphia soda tax more relevant, even if they don’t live near Philadelphia, thus allowing more readers from
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She frequently uses personal pronouns, such as “me”, “myself”, and “I”. These personal pronouns establish a welcoming and personal connection between Antonia, the author, and her readers, which will gravitate more to this article as opposed to a cold scientific paper. Antonia also exudes an objective tone through her explanation. She explains that she is “a tea drinker” and not a soda drinker. She further underscores that “the tax has all the effect that a tax on bald men in Boston would have”, which is none, and she could possibly care less about the Philadelphia tax on soda. But she doesn’t. She states that she decided to care because of how unwise she the regressive taxes are, the government possibly becoming “the nanny state”, and “problems with targeting specific programs as a means of making taxes more palatable.” Her explanation asserts that she is not personally affected by the soda tax; therefore, she is an objective judge of the issue. The explanation also additionally shows the audience that she thoroughly cares about the subject of Philadelphia’s soda tax because the tax is against her moral beliefs, which will possibly urge many of her readers to agree with her. The personal, yet objective tone, utilized in this article establishes a welcoming and unbiased feature about Philadelphia’s soda tax that will thoroughly settle readers’ misbeliefs, while also hooking them.

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