Areas Of Knowledge And The Transformation Of The World

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“Some areas of knowledge seek to describe the world, whereas others seek to transform it.” Explore this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge.

An Area of Knowledge aims to describe (expressing or noting knowledge) or to transform (change or modify completely) the world, which refers to the planet Earth and all the biotic and abiotic factors in it. This is an assumption that is embedded in the title and it triggers the question; can’t they seek to do both? Description and transformation of the world are linked together. It is the description, which is the expression of knowledge, however the application of that knowledge is transforming the world. So, to what extent do areas of knowledge seek to either describe the world or transform it? The question will
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After having looked at the question by exploring the Natural Sciences and Religious Knowledge Systems, it was demonstrated that this assumption made in the knowledge question is not very accurate. Expressing the knowledge is just description however the application of that knowledge leads to transformation. The knowledge acquired by either faith or reason can utterly just stay in the field of description however once it is applied, transformation is what follows, and this can clearly be applied to all of the Areas of Knowledge. It has come to my realization that transformation is what follows to description since one expresses knowledge and the other is based on its application. It could be said that if there is description there can be transformation so basically all AOKs, evidently aim for the two. To finally answer the question from my perspective, I would say that areas of knowledge seek to either describe the world or transform it to a very low extent because they can surely seek to do

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