Essay about Are Your Facebook Friends?

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Are Your Facebook Friends Actually Racist?
Let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room. Every single race watches the news or follows the news on social media. So if we all see the same articles about Kylie Jenner, Tasty’s food videos, and the latest black person to be killed by the police, why are there only certain races sharing the articles on the latter subject?
I grew up in what started out as a predominantly white area of town that eventually became diversified. I was enrolled in all upper-level and college-level courses in high school with predominantly white students in those classrooms. I attended two PWIs, Texas A&M University and the University of Houston. Throughout my years of schooling, I’ve accumulated a lot of friends on Facebook. Most of those friends are white, then the rest are Hispanic, Asian, Indian, and black.
I know there are thousands of black people in America that have a demographic of Facebook friends similar to mine. At times like these, I know my fellow black people have pondered some of the same thoughts that I have… “Do my “other” friends not see the same Huffington Post article that I saw?” or “Do they not want to share this article because they want to remain neutral and as politically correct as possible?” or “Are my “other” Facebook friends racist?”
I’ve come to the conclusion that no, your “other” friends are not all racist. Let’s keep it a Benjamin, some of your friends ARE racist, but the majority that does not share the…

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