Are You Really Successful? Essay

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Are You Really Successful? Success can be interpreted and defined in many ways. For some people, it can be as simple as finally purchasing the car of their dreams. For others, it is traveling and experiencing different, exotic countries. The concept of success has been inherited by society since ancient times. From one culture to another, success can ultimately vary. As the improvement of universal communication came to be, the more globally defined success became. I started to think about how caught up we were, as an advanced civilization, about the way we interpret success and how it has functioned to mold us. Even though many in society defines success by money there are people that do not believe success is constrained by money. Success is largely gauged in terms of the pursuit of knowledge, and in terms of economic pursuit. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. The word success is derived from Latin successus, from the verb succedere 'come close after '. Success can come in a variety of ways which does not necessarily have to be defined by money; even though, that is what society has carved us into believing. Material ownership has generally been acknowledged as the measurement of one 's prosperity or economic well-being. When we first allude to somebody, we routinely associate that person with a net worth and subsequently trust this person’s success is strictly contingent on wealth. Globally, “There is a…

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