Essay on Are You My Mother, By Susan Griffin

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Growing up is phase in which is determined by the parenting aspect, the parent to child bond which varies greatly. Childhood is essential but determined by parenting which influences the child’s later life, everything ties back to each other. A parent’s role in a child life affective, and a child is affected by the absence or presence of a parent. Emmy award winning playwright and poet, Susan Griffin believes that all life is influenced and parenting shadows a child’s future. Feminist author Alison Bechdel noted that the aspect of how close a mother and daughter relationship is could change her life. Parenting is crucial, it foreshadows the time when the child evolves into the parent, based off: relationship aspects- parent to child and childhood life experiences. “Are You My Mother,” by Feminist author Alison Bechdel, very interesting as well as deep graphic novel. A good deal of the novel touches on parenthood, more so the relationship with parent to child throughout the life span. Bechdel hints on the facts after a certain significant point in life one no longer becomes a child anymore, and that childhood has ended. Bechdel states “Well I’m heartbroken. She won’t be a child anymore” (107). Bechdel makes this comment prior to Serena’s granddaughter getting her period fairly early and believes now her child has ended. To a great deal Bechdel focuses on her relationship with her mother throughout the novel, and how she actually feels about her. Bechdel wanted to write a…

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