Are We Too Dependent on Mobiles? Essay

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Are We Too Dependent On Our Mobiles? In the media today, we all hear a great deal about the perils of modern technology. We now can be addicted to the Internet, Facebook and Twitter, not to mention the already existent perils like television, alcohol and drugs. What isn’t often mentioned is our addiction to cell phones. Maybe nobody talks about it because, unlike Twitter and Facebook, cell phones are such useful tools for everything from friendship to business. Cell phones have not only

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The twin notions that we see our phones as entertainment devices and that we cannot leave our homes without them demonstrate an unhealthy dependency.
Especially with all the applications and features available on mobiles, designers make it easy to get dependent. Cell phones are now all-in-one gadgets, serving as not only a phone, but an mp3 player, TV, camera, and PDA.
We are dependent on cell phones in the way that we have become dependent on cars or planes to quickly travel. A new study, commissioned by communications company TeleNav, says that our society is obsessed with cellphones. The study sought an answer to the question: Exactly what would people give up before their cell phone? The answer is a surprising amount of life’s pleasures (and essentials).The results show there are differences between the different types of smartphone and between genders, but overall, people were willing to go to great lengths to keep their phone in the palm of their hand.

But is it a problem? The answer is a resounding no. Cell phones are useful: They keep us connected to our friends, our colleagues and the world. One of the most interesting development policies for the third world is giving everyone cell phones. It has been wildly successful.
Instead of slowing down our adherence to cell phones, I say ramp we should ramp it up. The world is becoming more interconnected all the time, and we need it at our fingertips. The way things are progressing, our
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