Are We Too Dependent On Computers? Essay

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Are We Too Dependent On Computers?

The ENIAC was the first electronic general- purpose computer and was invented on February 15, 1946. From then to now, the computer has made tremendous advancements, and is our source for communicating, seeking answers, conducting research, playing games, etc. It is said that years from now, there will be a computer that will be smarter than the entire human race. Did Professor John Mauchly, the inventor of the ENIAC, believe that the computer will have such an impact on the society to this day? If the computer were to be taken away from us, what would we be without them? Some may say hopeless, and others believe that it may help us and the lives of children who suffer from obesity due to the technology that is, the computer. We cling on to this technology, hopelessly attached and unwilling to surrender our minds to something more productive, such as a good novel. But is that exactly a bad thing?
“Despite the distraction potential of laptops in college classrooms, new research shows that they can actually increase students ' engagement, attentiveness, participation and learning,” states Perry Sampson, a professor at The University of Michigan. The computer promotes communication along with providing users with important statistics and events that can further progress the brain and allow the user to expand his/her knowledge. Major companies use computers to store and organize valuable files and to keep their company running…

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