Are We Restricting Ourselves Or Is Society? Essay

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Are we restricting ourselves or is society? It’s easy to believe that society restricts people in some form, however people choose to restrict themselves in life, because it’s morally smarter to not abuse racial stereotypes. In Claude M. Steele 's book Whistling Vivaldi, the author details his research and personal studies to provide evidence that identity contingencies specifically effect black and white people. Steele claimed that black students have psychological and academic incapability’s due to identity contingencies and identity threats. However, Steele concluded that these stereotype impediments were just a condition of life, people were unable to recognize how they restricted themselves from mental and physical achievements. In support of many of his opinions, Gina Crosley-Corcoran’s text, Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person, where she illustrates and reemphasizes that a person 's identity is dependent on whether they acknowledge the identity shadow above their heads or they choose to ignore it. She discusses that although white people can alter their identity, it was more important to recognize that the racial oppression from white privilege was more dynamic in terms of discrimination at work and society. In collaboration, the authors are writing about concepts that challenge others to think about the stereotypes that prohibit others from succeeding in life and also how some people purposely abuse it. Crosley-Corcoran’s supports Steele 's concept of…

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