Are We Need More Food For Feed Communities? Essay

1186 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
The U.S. population is rapidly increasing each day meaning we need more food to feed communities. GMOs can help eliminate food waste due to climate changes and bacteria. And if GMOs were to be banned, food prices would rise as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Although critics may say that GMOs are harmful to humans, we will actually need GMOs in the future. According to David Rotman, “Although agricultural productivity has improved dramatically over the past 50 years, economists fear that these improvements have begun to wane at a time when food demand, driven by the larger number of people and the growing appetites of wealthier populations, is expected to rise between 70 and 100 percent by midcentury” (Rotman). More specifically, the crops that were increasing in growth the most are now decreasing in a time of need when production needs to more than double. If the trend keeps moving in the direction it is, then “production might be insufficient to meet demand unless we start using significantly more land, fertilizer, and water” (Rotman). In addition to this, climate change can damage crops because of the warmer temperature and wetter conditions. Rotman states, “Climate change is likely to make the problem far worse, bringing higher temperatures and, in many regions, wetter conditions that spread infestations of disease and insects into new areas” (Rotman). Examples of these harmful conditions that are already decreasing crop production are drought, damaging storms, and…

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