Essay about Are We Heading Toward A New Black Death?

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Are we heading towards a new Black Death?
Floods, droughts, deaths, mass migration, mass extinction and many more catastrophes are taking place in today’s world and apparently, climate change became a reality. In the 1960’s, the Apollo moon shot provided extraordinary photographs of our planet, suspended in space. This fundamentally changed how we thought about the biosphere and its limits. Our increasing understanding of climate change is transforming the way we view the boundaries and determinants of human health. While our personal health is mostly related to prudent behavior, heredity, occupation, local environmental exposures, and healthcare access, sustained population health requires the life supporting "services" of the biosphere. Several observations on the effects of climate change on our health indicate that climate change is intensifying the spread of infectious diseases, especially through proliferating disease-carrying insects. In fact, today’s evidences suggest that climate change is one of the leading causes of infectious disease-spread around the world.
Many rife infections, such as Malaria, Dengue fever, Bird flu, Cholera, Ebola, Plague and Tuberculosis are climate sensitive because they are transmitted by vectors which cannot survive if temperatures are too low. To our great misfortune, and according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, averaged over all land and ocean surfaces, temperatures warmed roughly 1.53 Fahrenheit degrees from 1880 to…

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