Are Too Many People Going For College? Essay example

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In the reading “Are Too Many People Going to College?” first published in 2008, Charles Murray argues that while the need and idea of going to college and getting a B.A. is becoming increasingly more important, not everyone needs a college education. Murray believes that any student that has already graduated from high school has already, in a sense, obtained a college education. He points out that by the time students finishes eighth grade, they should already have learned all the “core knowledge” they need to know (236). By the time they get to high school, students should be focusing more on the liberal aspect of education by taking courses in the “humanities, social sciences, and sciences” where they are “taught at a level below the demand of a college course” (237). While the students may not learn the materials they are taught in an in-depth manner, they are learning the basics and getting the diverse education that a college provides. Murray puts an emphasis on the relationship between where a student stands in terms of “academic ability” and if he or she should be getting a college education. He reasons that if said student is high in the standings in terms of their academic ability, they should be obtaining a college education (238). He believes that the odds that this student will “enjoy” what is being taught is greater because this student is able to handle the materials (239). He argues that a student who does not enjoy “the hardest aspects of college” is more…

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