Are Teens Interested In Politics Analysis

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Today’s teens are known to be uninterested in politics, and some of the reasons they are uninterested is, that they do not care about politics because it does not affect them, teenagers simply do not know about politics, and teens have been raised in the age of social media. The first reason that researchers do not think teens are interested in politics is that teens do not care about politics because it does not affect them. For example, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, a cognitive neuroscientist from University College London, UK has done research on why adolescents always puts themselves first. The research showed that teens use a different a different part of their brain compared to adults, which makes them more selfish. In other words teens are …show more content…
Glenn Harvard Reynolds agrees that teens should not vote and he quotes, “Those too fragile to handle different opinions are too fragile to participate in politics.” Reynolds point is that if teens can not even take in other people’s opinions they should not have the right to vote. Another example of teens not being mature enough to vote is that they are politically less mature compared to how adults are. A study done by Mr. Chan and Mr. Clayton titled, “Should the Voting Age be Lowered to Sixteen? Denied the option to lower the voting age. Then Mr. Chan and Mr. Clayton stated, “ Drawing on empirical data collected in nationally representative surveys, we argue that the weight of such evidence suggests that young people are, to a significant degree, politically less mature than older people, and that voting age the should not be lowered to sixteen.” In other words, they believe that teens are not politically mature enough to vote. Lastly, sixteen year olds are immature because they are still children. Friedersdorf implies that even college students still act like children and they are still too young to be responsible for their actions and that children should not vote. Friedersdorf’s point is that sixteen year olds are still too young to vote. Therefore, since teens cannot handle other people’s opinions, are politically less mature than older voters, and finally they are still children. It is apparent that sixteen year olds should not be allowed to

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