Are Prisons More Important Than Education? Essay example

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Introduction As we know the United States has a major prison problem, the United States accounts for only 5% of the world’s population but responsible for over 20% of the world’s prison population (Mass Incarceration in the USA, 2015). Since the 1980’s incarceration rates have tripled since the tough on crime campaign (Wyler, 2014). One out every 100 is a person behind bars, the United States has more prisons than colleges. This should tell us something how are prisons more important than education, this is a problem within itself. Our criminal justice system rather pay to house individuals but not pay for individuals to further their education. Mass incarceration acts as racial caste system, Alexander states our current system act as “a set of structural arrangements that locks a racially distinct group creating a second class citizenship (Alexander, 2012). With that be said African American represent over 50% of individuals in today’s prison. African American make up over 80% of all drug offenders sent to prisons (Alexander, 2012). This can be attributed to the strict sentencing guidelines due to the war on drugs.
Mass incarceration will continue to rise in the United States because of the strict sentencing guidelines introduce from the “war of drugs”. Research shows that mass incarceration will increase due to the strict sentencing guidelines proposed by the tough on crime campaign. Studies show that mass incarceration has quadrupled since 1980, now more…

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