Are People Better Than Disabled People With Disabilities? Essay

1498 Words Apr 22nd, 2015 null Page
No one in this world is perfect. Everyday people face difficulties in their life no matter working in the office, watching TV at home, walking down the street, playing sport, or in school etc. However, people with disabilities face more challenges than the people without disabilities in everyday life. Is it because the people with disabilities are not capable to compete their tasks or is it just because people assume that they could not do it? No one knows how to do everything. Some people are good at doing one thing, and some people are good at doing the other thing. Are nondisabled people better than disabled people because they are able to do more stuffs? Of course the answer is no. In fact, people with disabilities can do some things that nondisabled people cannot do. Helen Okobokekeimei states "they can bring their experience and focus to key aspects of a task, are able to bring work ethic skills to complete an assignment or project." Disabled people struggle a lot more than nondisabled people, but they do not ask the society to change for them. Instead, they find ways to compensate for their disabilities. They would do stuffs that majority people do, such as making contribution to society, playing sport, and socialising. Layla Montgomery is one of the top young distance runners in the U.S., who also happens to have multiple sclerosis. This disease causes her to experience complete numbness in her legs when she runs. Once she stops at the finish line, her lower…

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