Are Parents And Blame For The Spoiled Only Child Myth? Essay example

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“Are Parents to Blame For The Spoiled Only Child Myth?”

Google the term “Only Child” and you are sure to see words such as narcissistic, spoiled and selfish emerge In the late twentieth century and twenty-first century many couples have decided to have only one child. Friendship doctor, Irene S Levine mentions that “The trend toward one-child families is unmistakable and a worldwide phenomenon in most developed countries (46% of England 's families have one child; Spain, Italy, Japan among many other countries see birth rates below replacement level). In the US, the single-child family is the fastest growing family unit.” This trend allows women who need a career to help support the family and not be tied down at home taking care of children. Only children are often the center of their parents attention and often forges a strong bond between child and the parents. Moreover, parents do not have to spend money on other children, and so the only child gets a larger share of the family income. Although would only children from less fortunate backgrounds or single parent homes still possess the personality traits commonly associated with only children? Relying on resources “The Myth of the Spoiled Child” by Alfie Kohn, the works of social psychologist Susan Newman, I will also use the works Irene S. Levine and since I’m an only child I will use personal sources as well. This essay will show that overindulgent parents are to blame for the preconceived notions that exist…

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