Are Low Income Students As Well As English Language Learner? Essay

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The two distinct student groups in Longview Washington, where I live, are low-income students as well as English Language Learner (ELL) Students. According to the Office of Superintendents of Public Instruction, the report shows that the Longview School District has 60.4% students in the district who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program (OSPI, 2016). This is a very large number of students in the community that are struggling with a low or no household income. Within the United States there are on average, 20% of students living in poverty. Additionally, students living in poverty are much more likely to produce lower academic achievements (NCES, 2016).
One challenge that a low-income student might have is lacking a healthy home life, causing social/emotional problems, which are typically acted out in class through undesired behavior towards the teacher as well as their peers. Children with social and emotional challenges act out in ways that are either seeking attention through hyperactivity or are withdrawn, avoiding any social interaction. Both of these behaviors require that a teacher is spending more time working on behavior than on assisting the student with their arithmetic or spelling, which puts the child at a disadvantage in class.
A strategy for the low-income student to support their educational achievements could be working early on in class building rapport with each student. For example working on meet and greet skills using eye contact or a…

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