Are Gmos Saving The World? Essay

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Are GMOs Saving the World or a Stepping Stone to Destruction Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is a controversial topic with both sides presenting strong points for their stance. The arguments being discussed are benefits and consequences to farmers, the land, GMO grown food and the effects on humans who consume it, and food security for the world.(9) People have been breeding and creating new variations of plants for years. This process of propagation takes time, up to fifteen years to achieve a new variety. The most desired traits are crossbred over many generations. GMOs on the other hand quickly bring about a new variety in a dramatically accelerated fashion. Not only is the processed sped up but there is no worry of sexual incompatibility between the different kind of plants using the GMO process. (1)GMOs are genetically engineered living organisms that have had their genetic matter altered purposefully by scientists. In regard to seed GMOs they have been altered to withstand herbicides, or to make their own insecticide, or to have a higher nutrient content, and to withstand certain weather conditions like drought. (9) This has been touted as an incredible advance in farming due to less herbicides and insecticides needing to be put directly on crops along with the ability to produce a nutrient dense food that may be able to withstand drought. This can increase the yield a farmer sees on the same amount of land or possibly being able to use less land…

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