Are Fast Food Restaurants The Leading Cause For Obesity? Essay

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Are Fast Food Restaurants the leading cause for Obesity in America?
Fast Food restaurants have been around for years, and they provide a fast and easy way to eat cheap food if you 're short on time. But does this convenience come at a price? Fast Food may be the leading cause for a serious issue in America; Obesity. The Harvard School of Public Health defines Obesity simply as “having too much body fat” (Obesity Definition), meaning that your body mass is above the sizes of what they define as a healthy human. The problem of Obesity extends beyond that however. Obesity can be linked with “Bone and joint disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and even Heart disease” (Obesity), which are all life threatening conditions. It is a scary thought that Obesity can be caused by something that millions of Americans do every day, eat at Fast Food restaurants. Obesity only recently became a problem in America the past couple of years. This dilemma has now since skyrocketed, with around “78 million adults and 13 million children suffering with Obesity” (Understanding the American Obesity Epidemic.). This became a huge problem since the way a great deal of us live our lives may not only not help them from losing weight, but also helping them gain weight in return. One simple solution that many bring up is to simply “eat healthier”, however, eating healthier may be not be as simple of a task as originally conceived. Many say the eating healthier is harder, that eating healthy is a luxury that…

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