Are Electronic Cigarette Safer? Essay

1420 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
The electronic cigarette is claimed to be a healthier alternative than smoking a cigarette. The next big thing in the tobacco industry and are they safe as they claim to be. One of the claims is it will help stop all the effects of second hand smoke. The electronic cigarette has many known and un-known chemicals in them such as nicotine. The study of electronic cigarette can give us answers to the question are electronic cigarette safer than smoking cigarette. They claim to be less toxic to second hand smokers unlike tobacco cigarette, but electronic cigarette is just as toxic to the user as the cigarette is. The way people believe in the hype is not good this can be very bad and cause a lot more damage to the body just like smoking the regular cigarette it is important to do the research and know what you are putting into the body.
For example, the chemicals in the electronic cigarette are very unknown they got really popular, but no one knows the damage it will cause to the body, but unlike cigarette we know the danger an side effects its cause. The liquid nicotine is a poison and should not be in the reach of small children or anyone for that matter. In my survey, fourteen out twenty people did not know that nicotine is a poison. There are many other chemicals in the electronic cigarette that we do not know about because they are not listed on the label of the bottle such as toxicants. In this article Electronic cigarette : overview of chemical composition and exposure…

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