Essay about Are Domestic Violence Become An Epidemic?

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Imagine being a 28-year-old, NFL star, out of Rutgers University, a household name especially in Baltimore. Rushing for 6,000+ yards, with just over 1,000 carries for eight short seasons. Some would classify that as a good start to a career. But, in the blink of an eye it 's all gone. Then the blink of an eye it was over because of the videotaped scandal that exposed himself and the NFL of wrongdoing. This man was the running back for the Super Bowl XLVII Champions, Baltimore Ravens, Ray Rice. On February 15, 2014, Rice was arrested for domestic violence after being caught on hotel camera for punching his now wife in the face. But, then the NFL came under for their wrong doing, they had only originally suspended Rice for two games after he was indicted by a grand jury. Today in professional sports, domestic violence is becoming an epidemic spreading like a wildfire accompanied by a weak policy to combat this heinous offense. It is no secret to anyone that NFL players generate a lot of arrests for many different charges. Josh Gordon (drug), Johnny Manziel (drug), Aldon Smith (DUI), Von Miller (DUI), Aaron Hernandez (murder) just to name some. These players except for Aaron Hernandez have committed some lower grade crimes. According to a USA Today chart about NFL players’ arrests for offences like drug related is at 11.4% and DUI`s 27.7% while domestic violence runs away with the lead with 55.4%.
Back when the incident with Rice occurred, the NFL claimed to have no knowledge…

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