Are Cellphones Really A Distraction? Essay

1046 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
Are cellphones really a distraction to us? Should students be allowed to have their smartphone with them while in school? People say that kids having their cell phones in the school should be banned, they also say that kids with cellphones in school tend to be distracted and they also believe or have experienced their child 's phone being taken as a joke or maybe even someone stole it. Some parents encourage their kids to take their cellphones but some don’t believe their kids should. I believe that kids should take their cellphones to school, I have four reasonings that kids should take their cell phones to school, they would be a smartphone has a GPS tracker, it has the same qualities as a computer, you have easy access to your cell phone, or even a family emergency.
First of all, all smartphones have a GPS tracker, even if you don’t have a smartphone a parent can put a GPS tracker on your phone so they know where you’re at all times. If you didn’t call your parent to tell them where you went and you aren’t at home all they have to do is track your phone. Another reason to use the GPS tracker would be what if you went missing or ran away. A GPS tracker is a great way to give a parent some ease when you can’t find your child or they are just simply not answering their phone. GPS trackers are very useful today, if your child is doing something they shouldn’t be it is now easier to catch them with the GPS tracker. All a parent has to do is turn the tracker on in their…

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