Are Celebrities Really Worth Worshipping? Essay

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Are Celebrities Really Worth Worshipping?
Celebrities and their culture are a huge part of today’s society. No matter where they go or what they are doing, the average American always seems to be hearing about the latest trends, styles, news or gossip revolving around celebrities and their lives. Celebrity culture is unavoidable in the twenty-first century, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Although some people argue that following celebrity culture can influence negative stereotypes, lower productivity at school or work, or even lead to a crazy obsession, there are other arguments that could prove differently. Celebrity culture has many benefits, a few examples would be providing a bridge to reality for those who are shy or lonely, being great role models for people of all ages, and they can even inspire people through courageous and brave decisions that they make, such as openly coming out as gay. Many writers have raised the question of whether or not celebrity culture is, or can be good for society recently. On one hand of the debate, there are some people that say that nothing but bad outcomes come from following celebrity culture. These people argue that celebrities perpetuate negative stereotypes, they take away the spotlight from the true heroes in today’s culture and they think that it can lead to obsession. On the other hand of the debate, there are people such as Kristine Tucker, a writer for, who wrote an article where she mentions some of the…

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