Essay on Are Brick-and-Mortar Stores Dying

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Are brick-and-mortar stores dying? More specifically, in the future will there be fewer and fewer physical stores until at some point, there are no physical stores in existence?

After reading these articles, I believe that brick-and-mortar stores are not dying. In today’s digital environment, no one can stop brick-and mortar stores from going online. Ecommerce is capturing more and more market share, online and mobile commerce continue to grow for both web-based and traditional retailers. Most of examples and statistical data in these articles show the recession of brick-and mortar stores, like in the last holiday season, there is only half the holiday foot traffic of 2010 (Is the death of brick-and mortar retail a myth?); the Sears
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Several articles mention the term omnichannel? What is meant by this terml?
Channel synergy is a concept or approach often applied to business sales channels. Is omnichannel just an extension of this concept?

Based on the article “Retail in crisis”, “Omnichannel is the idea that every channel must work together to deliver a unified and consistent-albeit contextualized-customer experience” (Retail in crisis: these are the changes brick-and-mortar stores must make). On my point of view, omnichannel is a way of multi-channel sales, which is designed to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers whether customers are shopping online in their computers or mobile phone, or in brick-and-mortar stores.
Meanwhile, I believe that omnichannel is an extension of channel synergy. Channel synergy emphasizes the interaction of severals channel. As mentioned before, omnichannel seeks to provide the seamless shopping exoerience for customers, so the channel synergy is the necessary infrastructure for achieving omnichannel.

Consider that a business process is a series of activities in the process of producing a product and delivering it to the customer. Ostensibly each step in a business process adds value to the product. What value does the brick-and-mortar store provide? What value does the online sales store provide? Can a synergy between these two sales channels be achieved, or is the physical store simply superfluous?

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