Are Beauty Pageants Harmful? Essay

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Pageants are one of the biggest things most little girls dream to be apart of. They see beautiful ball gowns, sparkly crowns and tall, beautiful and perfect girls that look like barbie dolls sashaying across the stage. They grow up dreaming of being crowned Miss Universe or Miss America. Pageants are apart of the media. They give girls an idea of what every female should look like. Society has already set standards for young girls that are hard to reach because everyone is different. Beauty pageants are exploitative because they are one of the biggest causes to females developing eating disorders, they can be a financial hardship, they make females become insecure and gain low self­esteem, and they use the pageant participants as walking sexual advertisements.
Although beauty pageants seem fun and glamorous, they are one of the biggest leading causes to females having eating disorders. Beauty pageants are like magazines, they are apart of the media and have a very big effect women and girls of all ages. Beauty pageants, just like magazines, show images of thin, tall, and flawless women. Young girls grow up dreaming of looking like the girls they see on TV. But, when the girls cannot look like what they have been shown they begin to body shame themselves. “The body type portrayed in advertising as the ideal is possessed by only 5% of American females.” ( Wade, T.D., Keski­Rahkonen A., & Hudson J.) Eating disorders are now starting at young ages. “42% of 1st­3rd grade girls…

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