Archetypes In Twilight Breaking Dawn

Have you ever felt like the outcast in a group? Have you ever experienced being the one that is the tallest or shortest in your group? The feeling when everyone looks at you when you walk in a class? In the movie Twilight Breaking dawn the filmmaker Bill Condon uses the archetypes “ good vs evil” and “outcast.” He shows how being the outcast sometimes is for the best. In the movie Bella just moved in with her dad so it is a new school for her, that's where she meets the love of her life and the man she's gonna marry she just doesn't know it yet. She also doesn't know that he's a vampire.Bill Condon shows the archetype “good vs evil” towards the end of the film, after Bella’s and Edward’s daughter Renesmee was born and Edward’s cousin saw …show more content…
She starts to doubt it and get worried about what could happen about if she really is pregnant because she most likely gonna die again from being human with a vampire baby in her.“ i know it's impossible but I think i'm pregnant” Bella had to come home right away because she could die and the baby is growing too fast within 2-3 weeks the Bella’s stomach already looked like she was 7-8 months pregnant. The baby was crushing her from the inside out because it was a vampire baby and Bella’s body couldn’t hold that. The archetype shown in most of this part of the movie is “ good vs evil” because Bella is nothing but good and is trying to save the baby and not think about herself and how she could end up killing herself while saving the baby. The baby is the evil because it can end up killing Bella by how fast and rapid its growing. It may not be intentional for Renesmee to kill Bella because she isn’t even born yet but she is slowly killing her mom which is shown at the last 10 minutes of the 1 breaking dawn movie of the Twilight series. Renesmee was born and Bella’s heart stopped so Edward had to put his venom in her heart to try to save her, the baby broke multiple of her bones and she was losing blood fast. Renesmee could be classified as “Evil” because she was killing her mom by crushing her bones and all the blood Bella was

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