Araby vs. Going to the Moon Essay

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"Araby" Vs. "Going to the Moon"
By: Heba Haidar

Humans have always been curious beings. Their curiosity has brought about new experiences, and new knowledge that helped in the process of their evolution. Human children grow up and learn about the world by utilizing their sense of curiosity to gain new experiences in life. This curiosity that is built into us at birth is what drives us to be drawn to the unkown. "Araby", by James Joyce and "Going to the moon", by Nino Ricci are both short stories that show that the Human curiosity is indeed what makes humans drawn to the unknown. Both stories are about young boys and both have a female impact on them, both boys are drawn to new places unknown to them and in the end, both come out with
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It is apparent that their curiosities were not nourished with what they would have liked, causing a change in emotion. In "Araby", the boy makes his way to the bazaar dreaming about the enchantment that awaits him, but to his great disappointment what he found was very different. The unknown he was drawn to, was much different in his dreams, not enchanted at all, but dark, empty and virtually lifeless. "I found myself in a big hall girdled at half its height by a gallery. Nearly all the stalls were closed and the greater part of the hall was in darkness. I recognized the silence like that of which pervades a church after service" (p.291). The boy described the bazaar as an enchantment of the East, but in reality to him it seemed like nothing he dreamed of. The unknown was indeed not at all like in his dreams, and it angered him. In "Going to the Moon", the young boy often dreamt about going to Detroit, but while observing the other side of the Detroit River one day, he realizes how wrong he was. "That was the summer, too, of the riots in Detroit, and for days the news was filled with images of fires and gunfights and broken windows" (p.217). One summer, the news brought about images of the unknown city that the boy had often dreamt about, and though this brought about disappointment

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