Aquafina Change

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Change in Business dimension for Aquafina Company: To manage it effectively at organizational level, Aquafina management must follow the below standard business elements for a typical change. Most managers feel comfortable managing these phases:
 Identify a business need or opportunity.
 Define the project scope and objectives.
 Design the business solution - new processes, systems and organizational structure.
 Develop the new processes and systems.
 Implement the solution into the organization.
Aquafina will experience the tangible, concrete and default steps while applying change in its structure. The problem rises with the other side of the change; do the people have commitment to the organizational goals.
At organizational level, the ADKAR model designs clear objectives and result for the Aquafina change management teams and it helps them to determine the employees’ needs and relevant drivers for individual change during change process and therefore
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If the business employees do not like to experience the change, the business may face their reaction: “I do not like to apply the change. What’s its role for me?” The direct leader of the resistant employee can help more to decline his or her resistance. They have close day – today communication with their employees and understand their performance. The leader’s direct meeting can reveal and solve the employee’s personal reasons for resisting and can remove any obstacles in the employees’ side against the change. Translating the change into meaningful terms and helping to answer, “What’s in it for me?” can also make employees interested to accept change. The leader’s key role help the employees to engage in applying change based on their own desire and personal decision. To implement change the leaders must build self-interest to their and then they should points out the below factors to experience better response in

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