Apush Notes: Articles Of Confederation Era Essay

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Leland Pinkham
Period Apush

Articles of confederation era: * Each state functioned as its own little country * No national currency, many state currencies * Paper money issued as a promise for hard specie such as gold and silver * High inflation

* Newburgh conspiracy 1783: plan by unpaid continental army officers to force congress to assume powers of taxation over states * Northwest territory: * Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan area given to congress * Was the national governments only source of income * Land ordinance of 1785: * townships six miles square to be auctioned off (land speculation) * 16th acre reserved for public schools

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10. States retain reserved powers.

1789 George Washington unanimously elected by the Electoral College, inaugurated in NYC. Set the precedent of being “presidential”

Unwritten constitution: * Mostly precedents set by GW * 2 terms of president (now an amendment) * Acting in a “presidential” manner * Appointing cabinets * Alexander Hamilton- Sec. of Treasury * Randolph- Attorney general * Thomas Jefferson- Sec. of State * Knox- Sec. of War * Being called Mr. President

Alexander Hamilton’s economic plans: 1. Enable government creditors to exchange old depreciated securities at face value for new government bonds 2. The Assumption Plan: a. Government assumes debts from the states revolutionary war debts. Estimated from 40-50 million b. States such as Maryland approved of the government taking their debts, but it was highly unpopular for other states that had already paid their debs. c. Mainly to establish credit of the United States of America d. Dinnertime compromise made in order to pass plan: i. Madison, Hamilton, and Jefferson agree to move the capital from NYC to D.C. 3. Taxes: e. Whiskey tax- “sin” tax principle ii. Leads to Whisky Rebellion iii. Mainly PA farmers who distilled whiskery iv. Didn’t like that the accused had to go court far away

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