Approaches To Race Relations

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Race Relations in the United States has been a volatile subject dating back as far as we know and can read in history. The United States and its citizens have long created plans to tackle these conflicts that arise from race relations, yet they seem nothing more than good simple ideas that have grown into forced approaches on society. Ideas that have changed and evolved over time to be only a sliver of the original tone and plan to begin with. If one doesn’t follow these opinions, you could be seen as racist or impeding progress. It brings about the question, are we any better off with these approaches being presented to citizens of the country. Be it approaches presented by the government as laws or by originations as movements, are we causing more problems by overthinking our approaches. …show more content…
Unsteady and unreliable, race relations is an ongoing tension in the country with lines being drawn in the sand to take sides. Approaches that were started to help ease relations of volatile times during racial inequality started out meaning well. However, took on interpretations of its own based off of changing laws and or societal views at the time of the approach. In other words, they meant well when they started but often then ended up deviating from the original message. Two present day extremes that are seen with approaches to race relations are very different from one another, with some stating that borders need closed to keep specific races out, and then the creating of groups such as Black Likes Matter movement trying to navigate tensions between our citizens. When you look at the many approaches to race relations in the country you see rhetoric that is negative, drowning out the positive points that started various movements to begin with, and some taking movements and laws in directions that they never were intended to

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