Applying Writing A Formal Essay

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There are a few writers that believe that if you are interested in what they write, one should be open to learning the style that they are writing in even if that means learning a different culture or dialect. Also a small percentage of students and teachers realize that as students, you have the right to express yourselves in whatever way you’re comfortable while writing formal essays. However, I believe that if writers expect their audience to understand their essay and in return receive a respectable grade from a professor, one should be capable of writing a formal essay in Academic Standard English. Having the ability to write in Standard Academic English will not only benefit students at a collegiate level, but also in their professional life.
For example, when people as customers have an issue with the service provided at their local grocery store, one might ask to speak to the supervisor looking for a solution for the poor customer service. When the supervisor addresses the issue it is expected from them to be educated individuals speaking in a professional method. If they talk to valued customers as if they were one of their friends, one might consider that they are not taking you seriously, or perhaps one might imagine the business as an incompetent one for not being able to hire a decent manager. Similar to a competent manager showing you the respect you deserve as a customer; a college student should also always show respect of a traditional college…

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