Reflective Essay: Women's Role In Writing

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Throughout my formal school years, writing essays is one of the things I loathe the most. I have been told numerous times by teachers, parents, and former classmates that writing is used in every subject, and also plays a key role in succeeding in college. I want to be able to learn how to write and express myself in a well-written essay that does not require to be rewritten or change due to diction, clarity, syntax, etc. countless times. Throughout high school, I never had an English teacher that has impacted me tremendously in writing nor have I never learned the key aspects in writing an essay. I know that I had some great teachers during high school who have taught me little about writing, however these teachers were too occupied with …show more content…
For example, The Pearl essay, which we just wrote about, I loathed the novel and how I had to analyze the portray of women in The Pearl. It seemed there was little to no information about women’s role in the novel, it was very difficult topic to write about. Also, it appeared that I did not need to analyze a character that did not really needed to be analyzed. I believed my essay was written poorly and that there was a lot of repetition about the main topic because I could only grasp one important fact that happened in the novel. I was repeating what I had said before in a different way, which when finally finishing the essay I had to rewrite everything and analyze the novel more. It was just a very difficult topic and every student in my class struggled with the topic. Though I have many weaknesses that define my writing, I tend to have some strength. When writing an analytical essay, I am well accomplished at finding important quotes that support my ideas about the novel. Furthermore, after finding the quotes, I am excellent at analyzing what the quote is trying to intend in terms of characters, settings, main theme, etc. Several of my English teachers have informed me that I have a creative imagination and usually take a unique ideal on what the author is trying to propose. However, as said above, I do not have the strength to express my

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