Applying Concepts at Mass Essay

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Applying Concepts At Mass The service I attended was at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on the corner of South Fifth Avenue and Ann Street in Wilmington, NC. I went there on March 27, 2011 at 11:00 am. St. Mary’s Catholic Church is a post-Vatican II parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh. The Mass I attended celebrated the Third Sunday in Lent. As I entered the Church, the priest, Father Bob, was standing at the door greeting people. As I was looking around in the lobby, Father Bob noticed I was not a regular and approached me. He was very kind and eager to answer questions. He handed me the Church’s newsletter and an Order of Mass. The building was a large brick building. It is a Spanish Baroque style structure with no wood beams, …show more content…
At the mass some gospels that were read and many from that time period cannot be directly related to our lives now. Because of this I think the priest tries to tell a story that the majority of the people will understand. It takes the same principles from the original story and translates it to a modern form. With this in mind, the priest told the story of the Iraqi family so the congregation could relate to it. The community was weary of the Iraqi family and voiced their concerns to the priest. The priest told the people that the Iraqi family was Catholic Christians too and they should not stereotype them just because they are different.
There are many symbols at St. Mary’s church. There were 13 depictions on the walls around the church, which represented the 13 stations of the cross. These are a representational interpretation because it memorializes the last hours of Jesus’ life and it points to the holy which is Jesus. There were statues in the church of Jesus, Mary, and some apostles. The statue of Jesus represents the holy, but it is not the focal point of the church. The statue of Mary is behind the altar and is whom the church is named after. The statue of Jesus is a representational interpretation of the holy, but the statue of Mary is not. Mary can be considered a sacred person and the statue could be considered a hierophany, but she is not part of the holy

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