Essay about Applied Biodiversity And Conservation Scholars Program

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This scholars program was a great experience that I am glad I had the privilege to partake in, and I am highly pleased with the way my experience turned out. I have recommended ABS Program to many people and helped some people apply, because it is such a good program and gives people interested in conservation a fantastic opportunity to work in that realm. I personally had a goal to gain a further understanding of the impacts of oil spills on the oceanic biome, and plan on doing future work with marine science, and tremendously enjoyed working to obtain. I obtained this goal firstly from my research, in which I got the opportunity to work with Texas Sea Grant’s oil spill outreach department. My internship took place the Mission Aransas Research Reserve, working in stewardship.
For my research I worked with Christine Hale who is an Oil Spill Outreach Specialist that works for NOAA Texas Sea Grant Corpus Christi. My topic of focus was: The effects of crude oil and dispersants on coastal salt marsh vegetation and soil. For the research I had three deliverables were 1) write a literature review over topic of focus 2) research and if time allows design a toolkit for oil spill response 3) attend a session to give a poster presentation of my information. I was not able to meet the third deliverable, because I was unable to find an appropriately timed symposium to present at. For the second deliverable I was unable to develop…

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