Application Process For Senior Chief Officer Essay

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In year five my goal is to begin the Executive Fire Officer (EFO) program with the NFA and the Executive Fire Officer certification through Center for Professional Service Excellence (CPSE). The EFO program from NFA is a four-year process which requires me to attend a class on the NFA campus and complete and applied research project after completing each of the four classes. This program with give me a broader perspective about different aspects of fire and emergency services. This is becoming a requirement for senior chief officer position so this will ensure I am qualified to apply when the time and opportunity presents itself. The CPSE accreditation is a shorter process which I will complete within a year or less. This application process is designed for me to formulate a strategy for continued career development in conjunction with developing a commitment to my community. This designation will make me a preferred candidate for promotion or hiring because I will stand out as having superior skills, knowledge, and abilities (Center for Public Safety Excellence, 2012).
A ten-year goal will be working as a senior chief officer. I love shift work and being at the station with a crew. Moving to higher ranking positions provides numerous opportunities and challenges which will be exciting to accomplish but it can be lonely once you leave shift work. The crew becomes and extended family and a support system when needed. Promoting to any chief level job requires you to work more…

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