Application Of Theories : Part 2 Essay

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Application of Theories: Part 2
Scott L. Tousignant (4467911)
American Military University (EDMG612)
Dr. Randall Cuthbert
08 March 2015 Application of Theories: Part 2 This is a review of Hoffman (2011) chapters 18 through 36 of the course reading utilizing outside materials to provide support. The paper will address the importance of preparing for a public briefing or press conference. The review will outline ‘must air’ messages and sound bites. The value of developing pre-printed information and techniques in dealing with a hostile press will be discussed. The paper will introduce the nuance of body language and the ability to recover from a failed press incident. The importance of tabletops, scenarios and role-playing in addition to the use of social media will be introduced.
Public Briefings and Press Conferences Providing information and updates to the public is critical. Timely and accurate information can provide a calming effect to the populace. Crisis management teams must be prepared to deal with the media. The team should brainstorm questions that the media may ask. This will allow the spokesperson to project confidence and demonstrate their knowledge of the situation. The key to confidence and being comfortable with the media is rehearsals. The crisis management teams should hold mock media events and interviews (Hoffman, 2013). This enables the spokesperson to anticipate the flow and issues of the media event.
Important Messages
There are…

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