Application Of Online Communication At Julia Green 's Communication 211 For Spring 2016

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For the first major assignment for Professor Julia Green’s Communication 211 for Spring 2016, I partnered with classmates Lori Rainey and Sarah Beattie to “analyze how the different forms of communication yield different results when it comes to communicating” (Green, Week 4 - Major Assignment 1: Blog).
By going through the exercises, I have reconfirmed that the form of online communication best suited to me is email versus social media such as Facebook, or texting. Unlike some people, I find texts are more difficult to respond to for many reasons, including the limitation of the touch-screen keypads, as well as the synchronicity of the communication, depending on the user’s attention to their phone. As an example, I routinely forget my cell phone at home, so when discover I have missed messages, they are often no longer relevant. In addition, when questions come in rapid succession, the responder may not be able to respond as quickly, so the answers do not match the questions, causing confusion.
The reasons that I prefer email for interpersonal communication are many: In addition to being ergonomically better, as we have learned through viral memes on social media, predictive word recognition and autocorrect can be a challenge, so I feel that email is also grammatically better. I also feel that email is more efficient than other forms of online communication because the attentive user takes time to read and understand the message and forms complete response. Additionally,…

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