Apple 's Marketing Strategy For The International Market Essay

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CApple is one of the most successful companies nationally and globally. With this company constantly growing, many factors affect Apple. The company manages its business mainly on a geographic basis. Apple has determined its operating segments, which are typically based on the nature and location of its customers, to be the Americas (North and South), Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (Australia and Asian countries) and Retail operations. Additionally, the Retail segment operates Apple retail stores in 11 countries (U.S Securities).
Economically speaking, inflation, recession and currency are important economic factors that affects Apple. During time of inflation in the U.S, people will be making fewer purchases, which means Apple’s sales will decrease. However, Apple has considered this and purchased foreign currency. As a result, the revenue of their product in the international market will increase. Technology is continuing to grow as of today, which means that there will constantly be competitors out there for Apple. Therefore, Apple has to continue to keep upgrading their products more often to stay on top of their competitors. Apple has its own brand operating system, IOS, which increases its production cost. On the contrary, a company such as Dell uses Microsoft’s operating system in their products. As a result, Apple has to keep developing new products as technology keeps advancing (P.E.S.T Factors).
Furthermore, many political factors influence Apple’s decision-making…

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