Apple Removes All American Civil War Games From The App Store Because Of The Confederate Flag

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The term politically correct first appeared in the 1960’s and since then it has evolved far beyond its original purposes. In his article “Apple Removes All American Civil War Games From the App Store Because of the Confederate Flag”, Tasos Lazarides informs people about Apple’s decision to remove the image of the Confederate Battle Flag the author does not take a strong position in the argument. He uses the article more for informational purposes, as opposed to using the article for an argument. Recently there has been uproar over the use of the Confederate Battle Flag. People find it offensive and therefore, it is being taken down everywhere. The flag is historical and does carry connotations; however, that is no reason to take down history. It is an issue of political correctness, people are offended and shame people into doing what they want. Now days if you say anything that is not “politically correct” you are most likely to be branded: racist—sexist—homophobic; even though neither your comment nor your person is any of those adjectives. Being politically correct means that what you say cannot be taken offensively by any one person. In principle it makes people more thoughtful of what they say; however, more recently it is beginning to tarnish the first amendment rights of people in the constitution. In 1989 The Supreme Court of the United States decided on Texas v. Johnson which ruled in favor of the first amendment. Exercising the first amendment can be…

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