The Painful Meaning Of The N Word

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Words hurt and they hurt more when they have a cruel history behind them. The N word has crossed cultures, and all races to become something that everyone says but do they really now the complexity behind the word? In today 's world the N word has become very popular but it is not acceptable to use because of the dark history behind it which it is an offensive term for many individuals. The word is used in almost everything including music such as rap, the word is seen as nothing but it is linked to brutality and suffering. Even though people have tried to forget the actual meaning of the word, it is difficult. People may say that the word is just that a word and that everyone should be able to use it freely, that the hurtful meaning has already …show more content…
Many people would take that word to be offensive. People can not go around and say offensive words to a gay man because it would be deemed unacceptable because of the the hurtful history behind it. This case is the same for the N word. When you use the N-word it is like bringing everything African American’s suffer during that time, it was like a punch in the face to anyone who had to go through the hard history of what the word truly means. When the N-word is used it is dehumanizing, those who say it does not take on the historical background of it, unaware of the effect it had years ago. During an interview the President of the United States used the N-word and it was seen as a very bad thing he had done. If our black president cannot use the word freely, why should the youth be able to? Just because people have been trying to change the word to a friendly meaning does not mean that it does not have a huge impact on others. “The people who say ‘It’s just a word’ really know nothing about its history … they have no idea what this word means,” 3 Lester Coates from the New York Times said. People seem not to care about the word becoming part of our everyday lives however the people who know and who lived through that time know that it is not acceptable to use. Even though the meaning of the N-word has changed to some people it has not and the word should not be used

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